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Hello, I'm Wren. I am nothing and everything. I'm sure you will be quite content making me apart of your very necessary routine.

I do many things. I write, draw, and sing. I investigate fraud Monday through Friday. I recently took back up pixel art and I learned html and css from scratch in order to create this little site.

Take a look around and maybe sign my guestbook! My art, pixel goodies, poems, random weird pages, and ramblings about my favorite things here!

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If you'd like to add me to your site, feel free to use any of the gifs in my title! They are all 88x31.

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Most Recent Updates

6.17.23 - 02:02 - Created a new index page to better reflect my current coding abilities and so the aesthetic of the large page doll isn't repeated before the home page.
6.12.23 - 14:30 -Completed all six game reviews/thoughts for my childhood favorites section in my RPGMaker Shrine. They contain spoilers for each game as well as spoilers for Undertale on Off's page. I'd recommend you only read the reviews of games you have already played before, or you may be a bit lost on the things I write about.
6.10.23 - 21:30 - Went a little insane and decided to do border art for this landing page, which took many years off my life. Ain't that just swell?

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